Terminology/Glossary Creation

Correct terminology is key to guarantee that specialized knowledge is communicated with no ambiguities. At Chef du Monde, we are aware of the importance to use the right terms:

  • Do you need help with building glossaries in a particular area from specific documentation that you already have? Chef du Monde can extract the valuable and key terminology from your materials and provide you with the glossaries you need thanks to our knowledge in Terminology Management, the expertise in Terminology Management tools and our network of veterinary experts.

  • Do you need a glossary with the key terminology within a particular area but do not have any materials to extract it from? Chef du Monde can also help you with that by providing you with a conceptual/terminological organization in order to tailor our research to your terminological needs. We will extract and select the terminology you need and provide you with a glossary.

  • Do you need guidance on the terminology services you need? This is not a problem, we are happy to answer all your questions and help you decide on the right Terminology Project which will best suit your needs.